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       Electronic Landing Control Unit
       Gear Door Sequencer
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       Signal Voltage Booster

Gear & Door Sequencer
Operating Voltage : 3.5~6.5V
Self Operating Current : 20mA
Weight : 0.64 oz
Size : 1.875 x 1.125 x 0.625 in (28 x 48 x 12mm)
Line length : 30cm

  • Applicable to all jet model planes and prop. scale model planes.
  • Can control landing gear and two sets of gear doors with only one channel.
  • After landing gear is lowered, Door1 closes. e.g. Mirage needs the same function.
  • After landing gear is lowered, just need to connect two servos for the plane that needn't close gear doors.
  • Can set up the time between each step.
  • Can set up the angle of each servo.
  • Can reverse servo rotating direction.
  • It beeps to indicate setting up.
  • Compatible with 2.4GHz.
  • can accept electric servoless retract.

    Connection Diagram

  • US$59.00/unit
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